Is Sustainability Unsustainable?


One of my students brought this to my attention. I think that it certainly reflects something of what Bernstein astutely described as the “designed ambiguity” of the term.


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Professor of Geography at Aberystwyth University
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4 Responses to Is Sustainability Unsustainable?

  1. I think that even now, some companies use the word ‘sustainble’ in their company ethos without even completely knowing what it means and whether what their doing is actually a sustainable practise. I feel some just use it to ‘fit in’ with the rest of the industry, and the term ‘sustainability’ is being ‘watered down’ within company profiles.

  2. mswaber says:

    I couldn’t agree more Becky.

  3. Your blog has inspired me to start my own, about my thoughts on sustainability. Probably nowhere near as good or accurate as yours, but I thought I would try!

    • mswaber says:

      Dear Becky, I have just been reading your blog and I think that it is excellent. Blogging can be a really useful way of refining your thinking on subjects like sustainability, so keep up the good work.


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