Research Students

I have been fortunate to work with an excellent group of graduate students over the years. Their work on environmental geography (broadly defined) has provided continued inspiration and impetus for my own research. If you have a research project you would like to develop then please send me your thoughts.

Current and Previous PhD Students.

Anna Bullen ‘The geographies of sustainable citizenship and the new spaces of socio-environmental participation’ (Defended January 2009) [Now working as sustainable development outreach officer]

Julie MacLeavy ‘Gender, employment and Labour’s New Deal’  (Defended 2006) [Now a lecturer in Geography at University of Bristol]

Kelvin Mason ‘The new technologies of ecological citizenship’ (Defended, 2009) [Now a Lecturer at the Centre for Alternative Technology]

Ruth Stevenson ‘Devolution and the institutionalization of sustainable development’ (Defended September 2007) [Now a Lecturer at the Centre for Alternative Technology].

Chris Yeomans ‘Governance Transitions in the Post-Socialist World: a Case Study of Berlin’ (Defended October 2007).

Sophie Wynne-Jones ‘Performing wilderness’ (Defended November 2010) [Lecturer Aberystwyth University]

Mark Welsh ‘Nature and the Postcolonial State in Malawi’ (Defended January 2011) [PDRA, Aberystwyth University]

Julie Van Kemenade ‘Food as life and death: the political ideologies of alternative food networks’ (ongoing)

James Robinson ‘Camouflage and the British Landscape’ (ongoing)

Chandra Bhushan Kumar ‘Environmental Management in the Mega-City: the case of Delhi’ (ongoing)

Cerys Jones ‘Extreme weather in Wales’ (ongoing)

Katherine Phillips ‘Local Planning and Climate Change in Wales’ (ongoing)

Kate Stewart ‘Gender and the Transition Culture Movement’ (ongoing)

Rachel Lilley ‘Mindfulness and Environmental Behaviour Change.’ Supported by the Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship (EU).

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